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I have spent the last few months training with Emily and she has really helped me get on the road to success by coaching me on techniques I need as a foundation which I can build on. She has a very positive outlook and coaches in a way that makes you feel you can be pro VO. In fact, I've already started working! She's great to work with and I fully recommend training with her. I have actually recommended over five people already and they too are making great progress

Richard E

Emily is such a fantastic coach! It was easy to see when we started my coaching journey that Emily really cared about finding out my strengths, understanding my voice, and knowing exactly what to do in order to help me be as versatile and flexible as possible. I know now that the talent was in me, but only because Emily cared enough about my future career to help me see it. Not only has Emily helped develop my voice, but has helped me with the business side of the industry also. I would recommend Emily as a coach in a heartbeat!

Brendan M

Personalised Voice Acting Coaching

What Do You Need From Your Professional Voice Coach?

Are you looking to hone your skills?

Are you on the lookout for an agent?

Perhaps You're Learning for the first time?

I think it's only fair for me to start off with why I can be a great voiceover coach for you. The core reason is that I exclusively work as a voiceover artist and casting producer. My knowledge of the industry and the craft wasn't just established 15 years ago when I first became a voiceover, but it has been built on every single day since then.

Now that I have also worked as a voiceover director for 10 years; I can give you insights from every corner of the VO industry, so when you talk to a voice agent or you stand in front of a casting director - I can tell you what they're thinking...because I need to think like them!

Fast forward to the present day and I've recorded nearly 1,000 scripts. I'm proud to be the brand voice for over 50 household names. I'm also represented by Agents in 12 countries, across 5 continents...which is all to say, I've been there, done it and sewed my own t-shirt.

Now that you know I can help you, I need you to tell me how you want to use your voiceover coaching sessions...

It's Your Voiceover Coaching Session...

My sessions are fun, interactive and completely centred on you and your career goals.

You’ll get a tailored plan and each week we’ll work towards the goals that we set, with tasks for you to complete in the time between. I never want my voiceover coaching clients to feel like our sessions are tiny islands in the expansive voiceover sea. You'll always have my support and a plan to follow each week so you're never left to drown in the downtime...think of it as your life raft in this very extended metaphor.

I understand voiceover is an expensive industry, which is why I make a promise that my rates are always fair, so you can invest where you need it most.

I love to be completely hands on with helping you establish yourself right from the get go. I've got loads of business resources to hand and have up to date knowledge of market rates, so am happy to help you set your rates, which is such a key starting point for voiceovers to know their value.

With years on the technical side of audio production, I am also an all-round voice artist consultant and home studio technician. Would you like help setting up your home studio? Got an annoying crackle you can’t get rid of, or an irritating echo? I'm there to help you improve your sound quality, streamline your workflow, help you with equipment and give you audio editing training - so you can always deliver an amazing end result.

VO is a 24 hour business, so I'm also always on late night call - I am quite used to midnight or 6am “ArrRRrrgh help me my microphone won’t work!” emergencies from people around the world.

In the end, my goal is the same. I'm coaching you to be the voice artist that I believe the best voice artists need to be.

I will help you be the kind of voice artist that walks in and simply wows directors. The kind of artist that clients can't stop coming back to because no one else does the job right.

I'm there to be your guide through this industry, to be honest with you about how tough it is, the challenges that lay ahead and then inspire you to rise to them.

I'm so personally invested in my voiceover coaching clients because I've been through every voiceover obstacle and I want you to overcome it, because I know that you can!

Want Emily To Be Your Coach?

My voice coaching clients love working with me because I give them honest feedback which they can see improving their career and business in real time.

I'm always eager to work with more passionate artists, so if you want a voice acting coach who cares about your goals as much as you do, then I'd love to hear from you.

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