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Let Me Do The Heavy Listening

I’ve matched thousands of voiceover projects with an equally countless number of voices from around the globe; and that includes listening to the tens of thousands of voiceover artists who didn’t make the cut. My uniquely cultivated experience as a voiceover is my most powerful tool when it comes to breaking down hours of demo reels into your handful of perfect potentials.

If you are currently casting your voiceover project and need someone to do the heavy listening to your auditions, then I’d love to chat. I can manage every single aspect of your casting process and remove the admin from your side, so you can start production as soon as possible.

How I Cast Your Voices

My VO non-negotiables

From even a few moments of an audition or demo reel, I can pinpoint if a voiceover artist has the core qualities that I believe all voices need to produce great work.

The number of voiceovers working today is higher than ever, and the requirements of a great voice artist continue to increase with them. With my own experience as a voiceover artist and my thousands of hours of listening to auditions, I have a trained ear to catch when a voiceover is perfect for your project.

Is the read dynamic and engaging?

Has the voice artist understood the brief?

Is their audio equipment broadcast quality?

Do their demo reels reflect their full range?

These are the standards I expect of every voice

Need Someone To Voice Your Next Project?

If you only need a voice for your next project, then I'd love for you to listen to my demos.

My playful demeanour and sophisticated enunciation make me the perfect voice to inspire your audience or add an engaging edge to your technical pitches.


what my valued clients say

It's a delight working with you. Thank for being such a fantastic partner in this project. I look forward to working with you on even more.



I enjoyed working with Emily. She has a great voice, was quick to turnaround, had great audio and was professional. I will definitely work with her for future projects.

Coralie B

Boston Scientific

Emily was brilliant! Her recordings were excellent and always delivered quickly. We look forward to working with her again on future projects.

Will von B

Urbs Travel

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If you’d like to discuss your project and how I can support your casting process, feel free to drop me an email or fill in the form with some details, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!